Supporting you on your journey through Yoga

Yoga is meant to support us in life. The connection we forge between body, mind, and breath, helps us to meet the present moment with awareness and courage. Whether you are brand new to Yoga or are looking to deepen your studies, there are many paths we can explore together.

As an avid follower for the past seven years, It is truly a privilege and a gift to have the opportunity to study and practice yoga with Joelle. Her yoga expertise, guidance, and direction varies each week as she skillfully leads us towards higher levels in the sacred practice. I applaud Joelle after every class, feeling as though I’ve just had the greatest massage therapy. As a yoga teacher of the highest caliber, she supports emotional, physical, and spiritual self-care. Wish I could fly her down to Florida when I’m there during the winter season! 

As a yoga practitioner for 30 years, I have attended many teachings —I find Joelle inspirational. As a student of all the 8 limbs of yoga she continues to turn my mind! Her style of teaching feels therapeutic but it goes beyond the basics. A complete workout for mind and body.


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