Introducing The Yoga Wall!

The Yoga Wall is a therapeutic tool to help support and enhance your practice. Yoga Wall Ropes were first introduced by BKS Iyengar many decades ago as a means to assist with postural alignment and make postures accessible to all practitioners. With the support of the Wall, you are more able to drop into your experience and find a balance of steadiness and ease in your body and mind. The focus of our Wappingers Falls, NY studio offerings is on private and small group Wall sessions so that you may work closely with the teacher to help meet your individual needs.

Yoga Wall Benefits:

Builds functional strength to help serve you in your daily life

Facilitates postural alignment and body awareness 

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Gently tractions and decompresses your spine

Makes postures more accessible for your unique body

Helps you utilize the various spinal functions, such as forward bends, back bends, side bends, and twists, to inform healthy breathing patterns

Provides support to allow you stay longer in asana creating a meditative state in the posture

-And much, much more!

Yoga Wall Practice Guidelines

All Sessions must be pre-registered up to one hour prior to class (space permitting).

Please refrain from eating approximately 2 hours prior to your session for your comfort.

If you are new to the Wall, please begin with a private session or an Introductory Series or Workshop (when offered). This will help you get comfortable with the system.

You will be in close proximity to your neighbor for group sessions, so please be mindful of your shared space. Masks are optional but always encouraged.

We are fortunate to share space with many amazing practitioners and healing modalities. Please use quiet voices in the studio while adjacent sessions are in progress.

Space is limited in Yoga Wall sessions, so please observe our 24-hour cancellation policy, or you will be charged for your session. This policy is waived in the case of illness or emergency.

More info on In-person practice and Covid-19 awareness here