YTT 300

Asana- Postures for all levels, Advanced postures, Gentle,  Restorative, Chair,  Prenatal

Teaching Techniques-  Seeing the Whole Student, Adaptive Alignment and Modifications, Thoughtful Sequencing, Observation, Working with the Subtle Body,  Making Practice Right for the Individual 

Anatomy- Exploration of common injuries and health conditions, Anatomical variations and the diversity of bodies, Tension and compression around joints in asana,  Understanding pain and the nervous system 

Pranayama and Subtle Body- Chakra study and exploration Subtle body anatomy, Anatomy of Breath, Teaching Pranayama, Working with the Panchamaya model

Practical Yoga Philosophy and Ethics- In-depth study of Yoga Sutras Chapters 1 and 2,  Living the ethical principles, Exploring difference with compassion and reflection around bias, Trauma, inclusiveness, and cultural sensitivity

Meditation and Personal Practice- Basics of Vedic Chanting/Sanskrit Pronunciation/Chanting the Yoga Sutras, Leading Meditation and developing a steady home practice, Supporting your growth through mentorship and teaching observation Reflective Assignments and readings Assessment and review throughout training