Sessions are offered on Zoom, in your home, or at FulBeing Collective, 1285 Route 9, Suite 8 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 (around back of building). There are many possibilities to help support your practice with your individual needs and goals in mind.

Align and Flow, Group Therapeutics, Yoga Wall and non-Wall Privates and Semi-Privates are available (and more!)

Find Your Practice

All experiences include exploration/adaptation for your unique body. If you have any questions about what is right for you, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Align and Flow on Zoom

Mondays: 9:00-10:15 a.m.
A Yoga class that’s oriented toward your own felt sense of alignment and breath. The intention of the movement is structured and specific, but there is generous space for you to find the variations and adjustments that serve your needs. Explore the way your breath generates your movement and your movement impacts your breath. Give yourself the chance to reflect upon what you need from practice and then learn the ways Yogic philosophy, breathing techniques (pranayama), and postures (asana) can support you in your daily life.

Private Yoga and Yoga Wall

Private sessions offer you a one-on-one experience completely tailored to your needs and goals. These can be scheduled weekly, or as needed. There are many reasons to choose private sessions. Perhaps you are working with an injury or health condition or have a specific intention in mind. We will work closely together to refine and adapt the practice to meet you where you are in your ever-evolving life. Supportive and progressive sequences that include posture, breathing techniques, and meditation will be explored. Offering Yoga Wall Sessions in the Wappingers Falls studio, or non-Wall privates at the studio or in your home. Duo or Trio semi-privates are also available if you'd like to join with a friend. Email to schedule.

Small Group Therapeutics @FulBeing Collective

2nd & 4th Sundays: 9:30-10:45 am.
A Yoga class that explores the form and function of postures and practices with the assistance of the Yoga Wall to help you find a balance of steadiness and ease in your body and mind. Learn how breath, alignment, Yogic philosophy, and subtle body awareness can help support your daily life and overall movement experience and how to feel practice from the inside in a way that best serves your unique body and being. The intention for the Therapeutics program is to help people know their bodies on a deeper level, and to create a smart, functional, and sustainable movement practice for all. Classes are held throughout the week with skilled and attentive team of teachers. Register at FulBeing Collective (external link)

Yoga Workshops

Stay tuned for upcoming Dates for Workshops and Special Pop-ups, including Restorative Yoga.

and more...

More information about Samantha Fulton, MPT, E-RYT, PPCES and FulBeing Collective here.
Dani Locastro is also teaching on the Wall @ FulBeing! More info about Dani here.