Introduction to the Chakras Workshop

This 7-class workshop is an introduction to the chakra system, the energetic centers that serve as windows between our inner and outer worlds. Using our chakras as a roadmap, we will bring awareness to subtle sensations through asana, pranayama, and meditation. Through mindful and compassionate self-observation of each chakra, we become more attuned to where we might be feeling blocked, charged, or depleted. Checking in with ourselves energetically in this progressive learning experience allows Yoga to affect us over time as we support the flow of Prana and bring forth the quality of each chakra’s essence. There will be some time for discussion and reflection at the end of practice to help us integrate what we experience. New dates coming soon!

woman stretching on mountain top during sunrise

**Please note, although there is no way to separate the physical and psychological aspects of ourselves, it is not the purpose of this workshop to probe trauma surrounding the chakras as such work is better explored in a therapeutic relationship. However, careful attention will be made to hold space for your experience, however it unfolds. If you have to miss a session, a recording of the teaching portion will be available to workshop members for one week. A limited number of scholarships are being offered if payment is a challenge for you at this time--please reach out for details.

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