200 and 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Certifications + in-depth workshops for practitioners and teachers

The Hudson Valley Yoga School

As long-term practitioners of Yoga, we know that what might begin as a bit of curiosity can easily become a life-long relationship. And any great relationship needs to be built on a solid foundation. Therefore, we have built trainings that equally engage with the whole of what Yoga has to offer, from philosophy to pranayama, to asana. We understand that our students come to practice as people, not just postures. A school should be a safe and inclusive place for exploration and learning. We see Yoga as something we are always in relationship with on and off our mats.  

From Joelle: "I've been training and certifying Yoga teachers for the past 9 years and it is with great reverence for the student, their growth process, and my own learning, that I seek to compassionately support those who feel called to teach. As co-teachers, Sarah Capua and I bring over 25 years of experience adapting Yoga to the individual needs of students, and through those years have developed a framework to understand how Yoga interacts with the whole of who we are: individuals, with unique bodies, life experiences and goals."

Living Yoga Through our 200 Hour Teacher Training

The foundation of our approach is awareness and relationship, as taught in the traditional teachings of Yoga. We offer unique support for teacher trainees through in-depth exploration of alignment-based Yoga and breathwork, training in the art of observing students, rigorous study of the Yoga Sutras and ethics, and attentive, compassionate one-on-one mentorship. This training is for practitioners who are passionate about not only bringing the tools of Yoga to real people with care and awareness, but also as an exploration of how Yoga can be a source of self transformation.

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The Teacher's Path: Sharing Yoga Through our 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training

Our 300-hour Advanced training looks deeply into what means to walk the path of a Yoga Teacher. Our core philosophy is that Yoga is for everybody and our methodology honors the uniqueness of the individuals we teach. Our goal is to help you feel more connected to your students so that you may offer them expertly crafted practices that best support their health and well-being. As a sangha, we aim to give you a safe space to explore the depths of your own path as you continue aligning your life with the teachings of Yoga while learning from your embodied experience.

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Yoga Wall Weekend Training + Mentorship

The Yoga Wall is a wonderful system that can provide tremendous benefits for your practice and overall health. Deepen your knowledge of Yoga Wall postures while learning to adapt the system for your unique body. This weekend intensive will give you a solid foundation in asana alignment, safety, and set-up, through extended time to explore and ask questions. Training manual included. We are offering two training tracks, one for curious practitioners who want to deepen their wall practice and one for certified teachers who would like to become trained to teach wall classes.

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